Why More Guys Are Turning To Cosmetic Dentistry

You’re not the only guy worried about how your teeth look and whether your smile comes off as charming and confident. While it’s true that women spend more money on cosmetic dental procedures, a growing number of men are seeking out ways to fix their smile to get rid of that perpetual scowl. When competing as a smart, modern individual, it is absolutely essential that you watch your appearance as you maneuver through your network of professionals – because as you know, social dynamics are all about presentation.

So if you find that you’re more inclined to put up your hand to cover your face when a friend pulls out a camera, it could be time that you fix your smile to feel more confident. Remember, a smile says a lot about a person, and we tend to be less talkative when we have chapped lips, yellowed teeth, or receding gums.

It’s a new year, and you don’t want to go on pretending to be serious when you have so much to be excited about – and because everybody knows that many of those dashing Hollywood actors and perfectly asymmetrical models get their looks from having their faces practically chiseled by high-end cosmetic surgeons, it makes sense to spend some money on cosmetic dentistry. After all, who knows where things might go if you make an effort to be more socially aware?

What do I get from having my smile cosmetically enhanced? There are great benefits to having your teeth cosmetically enhanced. For starters, ordinary things like drinking coffee every day or taking certain antibiotics can stain your teeth over time, and it’s worse for people who smoke or neglect oral hygiene. Not many people want to wear traditional metal braces to get teeth aligned or fix common dental issues, and at the same time, cosmetic dentistry provides near-instant solutions with impressive results. Check out these 7 dental problems that you can get fixed easily by cosmetic dentists:

Gray teeth

Not all teeth respond to chemical bleaching, even when done by a qualified dentist. Some stains are intrinsic and penetrate deep into the tooth, turning teeth into a grayish or translucent shade as the enamel wears out. A special veneer or crown may be used here to brighten teeth.

Stubby teeth

A gummy smile is not uncommon and may be caused by extremely short teeth and lower gum line. A laser procedure can be used to push the gum up slightly, so the teeth appear longer.

Big teeth

It’s possible your teeth aren’t bigger than normal – the size of the gums plays a role here. A receding gum line exposes teeth to decay and makes them more sensitive to temperature.

Buck teeth

These are front teeth that reach far out, and they can only be fixed with braces. You can get lots of fancy braces that work faster and are pretty much invisible – which means you can wear them to work without people noticing.

Missing teeth
Teeth get knocked out all the time through accidents and fights, and there’s also the case of dental procedures that require pulling out the tooth.

There’s no reason to stress if you weren’t born with a perfect set of teeth. To get your smile transformed, you need an expert like Riverfront Dental Design, with our range of advanced tools and experience with these and many conditions. Check us out today to see how you can improve your look.