How Veneer Procedures Work

Placed over the facial facades of your teeth, a veneer procedure is basically a shell or composite covering. Though it falls into the domain of cosmetic dentistry, they are also known to protect the interiors of the teeth. Your damaged teeth retain the lost glory and you do not have to consider expensive treatments. Some other features include an improved smile appearance, durability etc. One thing for sure that the process of dental veneer solves most of your dental issues at cosmetic level

Uneven teeth- it can emerge from wear and tear or from tooth grinding as well

Wear along with tear- It is a known fact that the teeth of people will wear down with age. People are likely to have an uneven appearance, chips or cracks as time progresses

Genetics– for some people, abnormal spacing within the teeth is common.

Do you consider yourself as a candidate?

Removal of your natural tooth structure is natural, so cosmetic dentists recommend a host of minimal evasive procedures. If your natural set of teeth is not aesthetically adequate, then veneer procedure might be the desired option.

In case if your teeth are significantly discolored, veneer procedure is a good idea. They enhance the overall appearance of the mouth along with face which lasts for a long time. The facial features along with shape are supported by a proper shape tooth.

To figure out whether you are a candidate for this procedure, the dentist will first conduct an initial examination, where the details of your oral health will be specified and all treatment options put forth. Any treatment option is irreversible, and it is advisable that all the treatment options is discussed with the patient in details. Once it has been designed that veneer is the best treatment option that is available, a comprehensive review of the treatment is specified that may include on the process on how to prepare the teeth for this procedure. The after procedures are also laid emphasis on how to get take care of your teeth.

During the process of consultation, the patient is advised to take part in a smile design process. By outlining your preferences in terms of shape, width, color of your teeth, you do ensure that the treatment procedures exceed-expectations. It is important to understand that the dentist understands your objectives before you are planning for this procedure.

All about veneer procedure

A veneer procedure over the duration of 6 weeks in a couple of visits is completed. It is a comprehensive process and may take a lot of intensive evaluation or examination of the tooth. Some of the mechanisms adopted by dental offices are sedation or dental spas along with other services which make your comfortable and relaxed.

The diagnosis and examination is an integral aspect and any form of oral concerns need to be addressed first before thinking on the lines of veneer replacement. The dentist will provide their views on which is the best tooth color from a shade chart. With imaging technologies, you can have a concise idea of results expected and after images can provide an insight into the successful cases. Once the examination is over, a customized treatment plan by Inverness Family Dentistry is put into place.