Things to Know About Tin Ceiling Tiles

While constructing a new house or renovating the existing one if you want to give a unique finish to its interior then tin ceiling tiles can be right choice for you. You can use these tiles in a particular room or in the entire house, they can give a memorable and unique look to every space in a very cost effective manner. They can add a dramatic element not only in living room, bedroom or any other room but also in kitchen due to their eye-catching and beautiful designs.

What are tin ceiling tiles made of?

The tin ceiling tiles are made of the plates of tin steel and their both sides are primed and painted to avoid damage due to corrosion. Initially these tiles were used in place of plastering the ceiling which was a difficult as well as costly affair for many people. Today they are used to make ceiling beautiful due to their stunning designs. These tiles can provide antique as well as modern look to your ceiling. Along with giving elegance look to your space they also help in concealing the damaged walls and ceilings. They are available in different sizes to help you choose as per your requirement.

Ways to install

Tin ceiling tiles can be installed on your ceiling in two ways:

Nailed to the ceiling. Dropped in the grid system

Do they need to be painted?

Being made of tin steel, tin ceiling tiles are prone to corrosion which can damage them after some time if they are not primed and painted on both sides. They can be painted in single color or multi-color to increase the beauty of your ceiling in a very affordable manner. These ceiling tiles are also made of other metals including aluminum and copper etc. they can also be painted as per your requirement and suitability with their ambience.

Types of tin ceiling tiles

When you have decided to decorate the interior of your home with these ceiling tiles then you should choose right type tiles. These tiles are available mainly in two types depending upon the ways they are installed.

Nail-Up Tiles: Most of the homeowners prefer to buy ceiling tiles that can be nailed-up. According to experts nail-up ceiling tiles offer a better look to the space as they are interlocked and will maintain the height of your room. However while installing nail-up tiles you will first of all have to install plywood under the ceiling, if you do not have it already. The amount of height of the room covered by the plywood and tiles is negligible as compared to the beauty they will provide to your space.

Drop-in tiles: these ceiling tile are right choice for you if you are upgrading a drop ceiling or finishing the basement in your property. These tiles are commonly used in commercial establishment like hotels, restaurants, basements and casinos etc. If you want to access the space under the ceiling as in commercial buildings and basements, then these tiles can be the best for you.

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