Outdoor gear for kids

It’s a big beautiful world out there and for hikers and campers who become parents, the exploration of this planet does not have to end. Instead, take some considerations to heart and purchase some hiking gear just for them. This will ensure their safety and make it so that they love being out in nature as much as you do. As the saying goes, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” The same holds true for any trip with a child, especially one where you will be away from the comforts of home for an extended period of time.

Traveling anywhere with little ones means bringing more stuff along. The same holds true for hiking equipment. If your child cannot walk or will not make it too far, you have a choice to make. You can choose to take much smaller trips or you can purchase a good child carrier. If you choose to go with a carrier bear in mind that it will add some weight to you and will probably make it so that you cannot go as far and the trip will need to be modified, anyway.

When it comes to baby carriers, while you do not have to purchase one will all of the bells and whistles, be sure to purchase one with a padded waist belt, padded shoulder straps, and several different adjustment points. In addition, many also come with places to strap thing on and extra pockets, as well. There are also several extra accessories you can buy. These include both sun and rain guards and stirrups. Be sure to get your child used to the pack and use it even when not hiking.

If your children will be walking on their own, be sure to bring plenty of food and be prepared to take breaks often. Children need more fuel and stops than adults. Also be prepared to not make it to your destination and just enjoy the scenery along the way. Always have a plan B that ensures that your kids are dry, warm and fed. More importantly, you also have to have enough stuff so that they are hydrated and cool. Snacks and water in a cool container can mean the difference between reaching the top of the mountain and having to bail half way up.

Regardless of age, be sure that your children are prepared to be outside. That means that your outdoor gear purchases should include plenty of sunscreen and bug repellant. If this gets too tedious, you can purchase some long-sleeve hiking shirts. They are designed to keep both the sun and the bugs at bay. Also be sure to get them a good pair of hiking boots and a hat, as well as a good kid’s pack for the rocks and other treasures they will collect along the way.

As they get older, you can start to supply them with their own gear to carry. This includes walkie-talkies, a whistle, a magnifying glass, and binoculars. This stuff will make the journey that much more enjoyable.