Completing Applications for India e-Visa

Due to the increased demand of people visiting India for various purposes, the Indian Government in 2014 introduced an e-visa program to manage the movement of people to its land. This greatly promoted travel to this land as visitors no longer had to pass by the Indian embassy to acquire a visa. This program was rolled out to more nations a year later to accommodate their demands at large. The program was later retooled and there was an introduction of visa subcategories for business purpose travelers, tourism and medical visits. So, every visitor to this land would have to state the reason for travel when making an application.

Presently, over 160 nations are legible to apply for an Indian visa depending greatly on the purpose of visit to this nation. Travelers using this program are required to pay a nominal fee upon application for consideration and the visa should be acquired before setting foot to this nation.

Documents required when applying for an Indian e-Visa
A scanned passport that is valid for at least six months should be submitted. This document will be received in the JPEG or PDF format but then an applicant should ensure that the passport is properly scanned.

A new, clear and colorfula photograph should be uploaded in the PDF or JPEG format, but then, you can upload a photo of any size. The front view of this photo is what is required with a complete face and all the eyes open. Your photo can be rejected in case there is any shadow on the face or background of the photo.

Legit information is required when making your application. Any slight mistake can lender your application rejected.

How to apply for an Indian visa online
Application for this document is done at the official e-visa India application portal. The entire application process is simple; all you are required to do is filling a visa application online form found at their website. All the necessary documents required like copies of photo passports need to be attached. Lastly, you are required to review your application form to ensure that you submit only correct details. A response to your application will be made through the email indicated during your application.

You will be issued with a receipt number upon submitting your Indian online visa application form. This number will allow you to track the progress for its approval. A minimum wait time of up to four days is required to get the official response for your application. Once a confirmation email showing the approval is received, an applicant is required to print a copy of it and keep it to help you in the next trip. Visas aren’t meant for a stay in a particular country like India, the validity period of an Indian e-visa is 365 days from the date the visa is issued.

A guide to making your application and also scheduling an appointment are clearly shown at the Indian e-visa application portal. All applicants should adhere to the customs of this land while there. provides best application services.