Choose a recreational dispensary that makes you feel welcome.

http://www.canreleaf.comThe laws surrounding marijuana have changed a lot in the US over the past decade, and there are still many people out there that feel unsure of themselves when they walk into a dispensary. Marijuana was illegal and criminalized to such an extent for so long that people feel like they’re doing something wrong when they buy marijuana from a retail store, even though they know that it’s entirely legal. The federal government has shown little interest in cracking down on states who’ve legalized marijuana, even if the new attorney general is constantly bringing up the topic. There’s very little interest by the public in cracking down on these states, so even if he disagrees with marijuana himself, it doesn’t appear that he’s going to have the political capital to do anything about it.

Nonetheless, a large percentage of marijuana consumers out there still feel like they’re doing something wrong when they walk into a recreational dispensary. This is why it’s so important for such dispensaries to have staff members who make their customers feel welcome. The best way for consumers to relax and feel like they’re not doing anything wrong is for the staff members to be friendly and welcoming. When the staff members at a dispensary go out of their way to ask how people are doing and to help them pick out a strain, the customers stop fretting about the situation and just go about their business.

Of course, even if the staff members are as friendly as they can possibly be, it’s still going to take some time for people to get used to the fact that marijuana is now legal. It’s not like these people think there’s anything wrong with consuming marijuana. They consume the stuff themselves, and they know that there’s nothing inherently dangerous about the plant. It’s just that they were programmed for so long to think that marijuana was this terrible thing that it’s going to take them some time to adjust to the way things are now. Eventually, everyone will be completely comfortable with the fact that marijuana is legal, and they’ll go about their lives as if that’s always been the case. Dispensaries that make their customers feel welcome will go a long ways in helping the public get to that point.

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