Cannabis Oil and the Benefits It Provides your Skin

Marijuana or cannabis plants contain two particular compounds, cannabidiol, or CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It because of these two compounds that marijuana and cannabis products are sought out for in both medicinal uses and recreational use. From the plant, various products can be created and one of those products in Cannabis Oil. Cannabis oil is the extract harvested from the cannabis plant and has a high concentration of both THC and CBD. It is this richness in the active compounds that makes cannabis oil a popular product among recreational users and medical users.

Hemp Cannabis Oil

CBD Tincture

Recreational marijuana users add cannabis oil when rolling some blunts. The richness of the oil provides for a greater experience with stronger effects. In addition, the oil actually helps keep the blunt together being quite sticky. Those who use cannabis oil for medicinal purposes can benefit from a variety of beneficial health effects. Cannabis oil is much more convenient to take and can help one relax, sleep better, eat more, etc.

What not everyone knows is that cannabis oil actually has uses a skin care product. With so many skin care products being produced by the skin care industry one could feel overwhelmed and question the contents of these product. Cannabis oil offers a natural alternative with could work better. So let’s take a look at the benefits cannabis oil can give your skin.

1.) Nutrients are supplied to your skin – Having healthy skin means giving your skin the nutrients it needs. Cannabis oil contains helpful nutrients including some fatty acids and proteins. When you apply some Cannabis Oil by dabbing it onto your skin, it can absorb these nutrients from the oil making it much healthier and giving your skin a bright healthy glow.

2.) Youthfulness is sealed in your skin – Your skin cells require certain compounds and nutrients along its life cycle. One of the things cannabis oil contains, endocannabinoids has been found to have a beneficial effect on skin cells according to experts. When you put cannabis oil on your skin you are essentially supplying it with endocannabinoids keeping it looking young and healthy.

3.) Pimples are kept at bay – Pimples and zits are one of the most annoying skin problems anyone can experience. The main cause of these annoying visible bumps on your skin is the overproduction of sebum or the natural oils made by your skin. When you apply cannabis oil on your skin it basically moisturizes it reducing the need for the skin to produce any more sebum.

4.) Certain skin problems are treated – According to studies, the CBD and other minor compounds in cannabis oil helps in easing certain skin ailments particularly skin allergies as well as skin concerns. Cannabis oil is also used in helping treatment warts and moles which are non-threatening forms of skin cancer. The CBD in the oil helps fight against abnormally growing skin cells.

The use of Cannabis Oil as a skin care product is definitely not what anyone would think of naturally but it has been found to be quite beneficial possibly paving the way for it to become an ingredient in future skin care products.