Brand Advertising Strategy

Decal printing
Are you having an advertising project that requires to reach out for clients? The decal printing is the solution to your indoor and outdoor advert installation. Decals will be ideal for the company and industrial setting hence promotes the new product in the market.
Decal creating and decal printing refer to customized visuals printed out on a thinly plastic sticky back film, mostly PVC vinyl. Decals are the best signage for the sticky feature which is perfect to install on various surfaces as bricks, metallic, wooden, concrete and ceramic.
As a form of signage, the planned procedure is vital, either displayed as an image, words for small sized decals as for large graphics can express full guidelines, product image or promotion slogan. Clients of corporate companies and corporation will always look for the most experienced decal printing service provider who can produce high-quality decals that will fulfill their mission.

Decals services contract offer to Market
• political party signage printing
• Exterior signage printing
• Retail signage printing
• Point of purchase display printing
The system decals creating and final product installation
• Screen and Digital printing
• Prepress
• Finishing

Wide format
For the project that needs a vast impression, the decal got a large area to cover the finishes are in matte, silk, scratch proof, and gloss. Colored vinyl and high-quality photograph print is ideal for wide format without loss of the picture quality.

Short time
The outdoor installation of the decals is mostly water based glue for ease of removing, perfect for periodic marketing and middle imprinting changeovers. Mostly comes in gloss matte scratch proof decals.

These type of decals are made with a high plastic elastic PVC film no glue and used for windows, point of purchase display, shielding masking, short time brands marking can also be single or double sided. Mostly in gloss matte finishes also in die-cut to the desired shape.

For temporary and long term advertising the wall fits well for the decals the use of the water-based glue for in case of removing the paint is never damaged. A wall decal comes as full-color pictures or silhouette vinyl. The graphics can be matte touch or gloss and silk finish.

Brick and concrete
The application of the decal on the bricks and concrete surfaces works perfectly for adverts. The decals for this type of installation are available in gloss and nonglossy for a uniform of coarse surfaces cast laminate is the ideal. The surface paint should be extremely dry and the surface pressure washed for a clean installation.

The finish for this type of decal can be matte or gloss due to the short time required for the glue effects on the carpeting fibers. As the installation for this decal is delicate the surface of the carpet should be perfectly cleaned by vacuuming and any impurities should be properly removed.

Others reflective, dual side, punched window, die-cut, print and cut, and silhouette.
The advertising and communication of an intended message, marketing strategic adverts is mostly done with signage with the experienced and established signage designers, printing and installation companies also can offer the final decal will fulfill the projected purpose.
The inquiry of the decal printing services from the experienced Ultimax for the trade will offer the best decal printing and extra services to satisfy client necessity. Move your corporate to greater heights by advertising using the decals.